Enjoy golfing during your Mediterranean holiday

Mediterranean holiday

There are many fascinating and beautiful destinations in and around the Mediterranean, with a climate that encourages visitors all year round. Golf is the perfect sport for enjoying the scenery whilst getting exercise and feeling that competitive buzz. Incorporating this sport into your Mediterranean holiday will make your break even more special, and is ideal for winter visits when the weather is a little cooler. People from all walks of life quickly become fascinated by the game: for example, keen players like financial expert Franck Peltier have written about it at length. 

Golfing in Southern Europe

There are some great courses in Eastern Spain, Sicily, South-East France, and Greece, any of which could be incorporated into your Mediterranean holiday. The best courses are designed to give a great experience to the players: Club de Campo del Mediterraneo in Spain, Donnafugata in Sicily, Royal Mougins in France, and the Crete Club. There are many other options, so don't limit yourself! One of the great advantages of Southern Europe is that it is generally cheap to fly to directly, and car hire is normally reasonable, so a relaxing holiday will not break the bank or require stressful travel.

Golfing in North Africa

The weather in North Africa is even warmer than that on the Mediterranean coasts of Southern Europe, which makes this area perfect for times when the Northern European weather is at its bleakest. Morocco has many courses which are worth trying, including Royal Golf de Tanger. Tunisia is another destination with a selection of playing opportunities: perhaps consider trying the course at Port el Kantaoui. Even in the coldest months, the temperature often reaches 18 degrees centigrade during the daytime in north Africa, so you can play in comfort in the winter.

What do I Need to Take With Me for a Golfing Holiday?

Probably not as much as you think. If you want to take your own clubs, do so, but the airlines will understandably make a charge for carrying them. In most countries it is now possible to hire a set of clubs for a few days, thus making travel easier and cheaper. Take the right shoes and appropriate clothing, tees and balls. Hire a trolley or buggy at the club. If you need a handicap to play on the courses you have chosen, take some evidence of yours, like a handicap certificate. If you do not have a handicap yet, be careful to only book courses that do not require one. Then simply enjoy your holiday, and take in the beautiful scenery, while playing a game that will keep you healthy and entertained for many years to come.

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