Rent a car everywhere in Europe during your vacation

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The Mediterranean coastline with its enticing mix of vibrant cities, ancient monuments and beautiful scenery, provides all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday. Many well-known attractions can usually be reached by public transport but opting for car hire gives you the freedom to explore out of the way villages and beaches at your own pace. And with the convenience of a self-service system, holiday car rental has never been so affordable.

Self-Service Car Rental near me

With self-service vehicle rental you can easily locate and select a suitable make and model from the online listings registered by individual car owners. There is always an extensive choice of family-sized saloons or compact hatchbacks available from a pool of more than fifty thousand across Europe. Being able to find a car you are familiar with helps to make your excursions driving around the Mediterranean an instantly enjoyable experience. It is a quick and convenient way to rent a car near me with an estimated 30% reduction in the expense of using a traditional vehicle rental agency. This type of service has been steadily increasing in popularity since holidaymakers began to discover how flexible, secure and economic car hire can be.

Flexible Car Hire near me

Whether you need a car for an afternoon trip to an idyllic village on the Mediterranean coast or for journeying further afield for a few days, a self-service arrangement is totally flexible. A simple online search using a dedicated app allows you to use different filters to locate a car by features such as make or cost. Self-service car rental has the advantage of being ready to book and access at any time of day or night. The keys to your chosen car will be waiting inside it but unlocking the door is easily done through the app. After you have enjoyed your excursion you simply replace the fuel you have used, leave the keys as you found them then access the app through your smartphone to lock the door securely.

Reliable Car Rental near me

When you want to rent a car through a convenient self-service system you have to open an account. The initial screening process used by such car rental companies is totally safe and secure and includes uploading data from valid photographic ID including your driving licence. Owners can also rest assured that their cars are in safe hands as the details of the drivers in their pre-rental agreements have to be an identical match when they use the app to unlock the cars. You can be confident of renting a vehicle that is in a perfect roadworthy condition from a trusted pool of owners.

When you drive a rented car through self-service systems there should always be comprehensive insurance that is specially designed to cover all aspects of renting cars in a peer-to-peer system. If your rented car should be involved in an accident or breakdown, the insurance coverage will account for any damage or repairs except for the excess charge which is your responsibility. However, choosing to rent a car through a peer-to-peer system is an innovative way to enjoy driving that is affordable and flexible at any time during your holiday anywhere in Europe.

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