There is nothing better than a holiday in the paradise of the Atlantic Ocean European coast, that is to say spending some days or weeks in Ile de Ré. Located just off La Rochelle, in the department of Charente-Maritime, the destination is known for its beautiful waterfront scenery and long sandy beaches bordered by beatiful dunes. You can learn more about going to Ile-de-Ré and renting a villa in the island at

Holiday rentals in Ile de Ré

Ile de Ré is a holiday destination we all dream of. You don’t need to look for costly holidays to enjoy your summer break. France is a country full of beautiful cities, charming villages and islands ... On the island of Ile-de-Ré, vacationers can book white small houses, with sidewalks invaded by hollyhocks and lazily outspread dunes facing the ocean. Due to its location in front of the port of La Rochelle, the island has had an eventful past. Strolling through its streets you will notice that its story unfolds through its ramparts, forts and citadels.

Summer in Ile-de-Ré, villas in the sunshine

With its abundant sunshine usually accompanied by a slight breeze, this tourist destination is considered one of the most popular ones in France. The sunshine is plentiful during almost the whole summer, the temperature of the water is fresh, which makes swimming in the island’s sandy and gently sloping beaches very pleasant.

Holiday rental in île de ré

Located a few kilometers away from La Rochelle in the Charente-Maritime, the Island has a breathtaking coastline scenery, a setting where travelers can find campgrounds, hotels or houses. The nightlife is mostly around Saint-Martin, the main port or La Flotte. Restaurants and shops are numerous and close late at night. The island is also a popular destination for shopping. Generally, to book a holiday accommodation, you should address the specialized sites two months before your holidays to find discount offers.

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