Do in Tunis Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia is one of the most famous tourist spots around the world since it has a lot to offer like their culture, history, fine handcrafts as well as great beaches. Tunis is considered a modern and a sophisticated city which has a lot to offer to their visitors. Listed below are some things you can do while visiting the wonderful city of Tunis, Tunisia.

The Bardo, Tunis’ best museum

This famous museum and is a 17th-century palace is the home of the finest art collections of Roman Mosaics all over the world. You can also view there the well renowned monument called Triumph of Neptune.

La Marsa Heat

You can get to La Marsa Beach via a TGM train from the city center. It is preferred to ride during weekdays since it will be peaceful compared to weekends which is usually busy. In the area, you can see a lot of cafes as well as fish restaurants while seeing the beautiful scenery of the water, sun and sand.

Shopping at The Medina

The Medina has an ONAT stamp on the back signifying that they are well regulated, inspected and approved by the government. You can witness there the beautiful pottery designs which are very affordable. Another is the traditional Berber jewelry which is quite expensive yet is something you should see and visit. You can as well visit the perfume souk which offers you all the perfumes coming from Arabia.

Nightlife in Tunis

The nightlife in Tunis is centered in their tourist hotels. Restaurants around the city as well offer live music as well as belly dancing. Some of their hotels as well have casinos which only accept foreign currency and are out of bounds to Tunisians.

Experience the Best Excursion

Dougga, is one of the best as well as biggest Roman site within Africa, is a Roman city which is 63 miles southwest of Tunis. It occupies a position on the edge of the Tebersouk Mountains wherein breathless countryside scenery can be experienced.

Best for Kids

Kids can also enjoy the beautiful Dah Dah Amusement Park. This said spot is a 10-minute drive away from Tunis at Les Berges du Lac. This is a great place for kids to change their routinary activity of making sand castles. Plus, the entrance is free yet you’d need to pay for each ride. At the back of the amusement park, you can also visit few bowling alleys.

Taste Mint Tea

Sidi Bou Said is 10 kilometers away from the city. Although the place is quite far from the city, a lot of tourists visit the place since it is recognized as one of the most beautiful places in and around Tunis. Plus, the place is famous for its delicious mint tea where you can drink at the traditional Moorish cafe namely Cafe Chaabane that is looking over the blue waters of the Tunis Gulf.


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