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It’s the ultimate North African land of stunning beaches, coves and bay, with its long golden coastline stretching from Bizerte to Djerba and a perfect summer climate, it’s where you mindlessly kick off you flip flops to dive into a mesmerizing clear sea that can wash off all the crumbs of a very stressful life.   


Tunisia is a helluva vacation destination for all type of Travelers. That managed to hold its own unique atmosphere and culture, mixing between traditions and modernity.

Despite its tiny size, this piece of land has as much history throughout the centuries as all the African countries united. It was fought for by many greedy Empires who wanted control over its strategic coasts and rich natural resources, from the Phoenicians in the early times and The Empire of Carthage, To the Roman Invasion that lasted until the 5th century AD, then to the Byzantines after the fall of the Romans to eventually the Islamic Nation and the Berbers conversion to Islam.

And all this Diverse Empires Invasions throughout the ages gave Tunisia a special and unique identity, with its rich mixture of Arabian, Barbarian French and Roman culture and architecture.

Home To some of the best museums and Roman ruins in the world, Tunisia is without doubt a world heritage that must be preserved for future generations.

Museums like The Palace of Bardo, filled with ancient Treasures you won’t see anywhere else, and Monuments that reminds us of empires and ancient Battles like the ruins of Carthage and Dougga.

Other ancient sights like el Jam that used to be a gladiator coliseum and Sbeitla roman Temples.

Places like Sidi Bou Said with its blue-shuttered weathered houses crammed in thin alleys up the hills overlooking a stunning Pedestrian Port, and El Medina with its Souk of traditional Carpets and clothes, Souvenirs and home-made Tunisian sweets.


In Tunisia there’s three islands, the biggest and most known is Djerba, a beautiful resort off the south coast, kerkennah a tiny fishing island off the eastern coast and last but not least la Galite Island between Bizerte and Sardinia the Italian Island, adventure enthusiasts can catch a ride with some fishermen and enjoy a day getaway.

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