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Mediterranean holiday vacations are without doubt on every traveler’s bucket-list, whether you’re interested in ancient history, exotic landscapes, dreamy coasts, exquisite cuisine, lively cities and busy nightlife, whatever you’re looking for, The Med will please you and grant you the most satisfying travel experience you’ll ever have. First you need to visit one of the many websites that help you book your holiday rental, myhomein.com/en for instance is one of them.


The best vacation hot-spots can be found on coastal cities, giving the mix of extraordinary monuments and beautiful coastlines.  Every Continent of the three that share the Med have something unique to see and worthy of tourists attention. Africa is for lovers of antiquity and beautiful cultures.

 Experience the Middle Eastern traditions and beauty in Egypt, visit Luxor known as the world’s largest open air museum, built all around the ancient site of Thebes, a place of worship for the ancient Egyptians. Morocco for the marvelous Moroccan vibe, Marrakesh is an authentic city with an abundance of traditional Souks (markets) in the historical Medina, palaces and mosques; you’ll be amazed how wonderful and welcoming the locals are there. You’ll also get the chance to visit the Desert and the Atlas Mountains.

Or visit the Beautiful Jewel Tunisia, often ignored by Tourists, thinking it’s so tiny to have history. They can’t be more wrong. Carthage the ancient Phoenician colony; dating from the 1st Millennium BC, the Largest Power in The Mediterranean in the Time of Hannibal and The Legendary Dido known as Alyssa. This ancient Empire is the Pride and Joy of all of Tunisia and they take good care of it. It’s a must-see.


Across the Med, lies Greece, a whole different culture that roamed almost the whole Mediterranean regions in its era so you’ll see bits and pieces of its mark in every Mediterranean country you visit. You must Visit Athens if you’re a history geek and have a weak spot for Greek Mythology; you’ll have the time of your life.


If you can’t possibly decide what city to plan as your next destination, you can go to all your dream cities all at once; Mediterranean Cruises are very popular and diverse, with very good itineraries stopping almost in all the good coastal cities, giving you the chance to chill at the beautiful chic French Riviera, satisfy your taste buds in the exquisite Corsica cuisine, Run for your life from the bulls in the traditional festival in Spain, Party hard in Ibiza Italy, dive in the most beautiful blue holes of the Med in Malta, Experience the beautiful colorful culture of Turkey and wander around a lot of Mediterranean islands.

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