Corsica known as the ‘‘Scented isle’’ is a scenic island just off the South of France near the Italian Island Sardinia. It has a beautiful blend of French and Italian culture and architecture; with the French’s sense of ‘Chicness’ and the Italian’s exquisite cuisines, and a lot of Mediterranean sunshine. You can rent a holiday acomodation in Corsica in stunning mountainous landscapes and undeveloped beaches.        


Corsica is one of the most spectacular islands in the whole Mediterranean, an undeveloped and unspoiled heaven for amateur and Professional hikers and cyclers. It has one of the most beautiful and picturesque hiking-treks in Europe all set in Corte, Treks like the famous GR20, if you’re a fan of rough hiking trails that rewards you at the mountain top with a splendid view that will swoon and revive your soul, this is the one. But if you’re more into a moderate day hike go for the gorgeous Tavignano Gorges and its natural rock pools, or the Restonica Valley with its Beautiful mountain lakes.

And if you’re no fan of walking great distance, there are so many other ways to see the striking landscapes of Corsica. Take the train and go from village to another, the itinerary is magnificent and the view is panoramic. Enjoy a day exploring by kayak the blue clear sea of Corse, heaven-like coves and secluded bays.  Or go on an adventure along the multiple horse bridleways between mountains and lakes. Horse riding and Donkey rides are quite famous in the region and there’re various escorted treks to choose from.

You must visit Castagniccia, an untouched natural resort with a hilltop village, while there you'll feel like you've been transformed to a medieval era, home for a beautiful ornamented church, weathered old houses and thin cobbled alleys all above a scenic river that runs underneath the village Church.


In July and August the island is crammed with Parisian and European Tourists and the weather is uncomfortably hot. However in mid-season the weather is cool and perfect, the villages are quieter and more peaceful, that's when you should definitely go

Corsica has four airports with Ajaccio Airport being the main airport, so it's fairly easy and cheap to book a flight there from any European country. However getting there by ferry from the Italian or French coast is still the best way in.

****WHERE TO STAY*****

There is a wide range of beautiful apartments and cottages when it come to holiday rentals in Corsica, and many rental agencies to choose . Find a self-catering holiday cottage in Corsica perfect for your next break.

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