French Riviera

Published on : 23 September 20163 min reading time

France, Oh even the word is so glamorous. But guess what is even more chic; Coté d’Azur that is also known as the French Riviera, Situated in southeastern France bordered by the Mediterranean coast. It’s the place for everyone, ambitious partyers, wealthy holiday-makers and solo adventure-seeking travelers.


This is the part of the world where you’re most likely to meet your favorite movie star chilling by your side in the hotel’s pool. It’s so famous among the Rich and Wealthy celebrities that they flock there each year to enjoy one of the world’s most luxurious coasts, it’s also that part of the world where you can get away from the glitz and glamour and find a secluded coastal hideaway where you can enjoy a much quieter and authentic vacation and maybe meet the surfer of your dreams, and live happily ever after hypnotized by the French’s beauty and divine cuisine.

Saint Tropez, Nice and Monaco are three of the French Riviera most famous destinations. St Tropez is the celebrities’ bolthole with its picturesque seaside restaurants, trendy shops and stunning beaches. Nice is for art and culture lovers, home for fantastic museums like the Musee National du Message Biblique. However if you’re looking for something a little bit different and remote, head for Grasse, hillside town with a sublime view to the cities beyond.

Or if you want to spend much and experience a little bit of the ‘Fancy life’, then head straight to Monaco and prepare to get swooped into a whole different universe; expensive and glamorous lifestyle, a town for the young YOLO’s, life here is so fun, upbeat and crazy. And I must guarantee ‘What happens in Monte Carlo, Stays in Monte Carlo’.


Away from the glamorous lifestyle, the French Riviera is a land of natural wonders, with a dozen of golden sandy beaches in St Tropez and astonishing pebbly beaches in Nice, without mentioning the fascinating Lérins islands or the numerous hidden coves all around the coast. If you’re a fan of climbing cliffs and hiking in rugged mountains, the Parc of Verdon Gorge, a place of stunning mountains and mystical rivers  that will take your breath away.


Going to Coté d’azur doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank, you can plan a very affordable visit within whatever budget you please, especially if you find the perfect rent in the French Rivera’s towns. Check out for the best rentals out there

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