Holiday Season come and tourists start flocking to Palma to get away from the city, this Nightlife haven is located in south-coast Majorca, marvelous with its medieval architecture and intimate atmosphere and yet stylish with its numerous Resorts and hedonistic Clubs.


No one can deny the everlasting ornamented beauty of Palma. Beyond the luxurious resorts, huge touristic Marina and numerous bistros and Discos, this beautiful part of the island have maintained its traditional identity and left its breathtaking natural landscapes unspoiled and intact.

Sapphire clear beaches with long sandy coasts, hidden bays and natural pools, pine forests and rugged mountain of the Bosc de Bellver perfect for hiking, bordering the town there’s the picturesque mountain chain of Serra Tramuntana that you can visit by booking a full day jeep ride.

As for the medieval wonders of the town, Bellver Castle tops the list with its one of the kind architecture, gloriously standing on the top of the bellver hill since the 14th century then comes the Cathedral of Santa Maria a colossal Catalan Church overlooking the beautiful Parc de la Mar where concerts and fiestas are held each year. Banys Arabs is a small beautiful tourist attraction near the cathedral that reminds us of the time when the Moorish empire invaded the island.


The old town in Palma with its cobbled streets and squares crammed with cafes shops, medieval palaces and weathered houses, is the town’s most visited place. You can get one of the guided tours arranged by the tourist office throughout summer.

As for restaurants, Palma is the place where you can enjoy the exquisite Spanish cuisine in a marvelous atmosphere and within budget. Sa Llonja a seaside cafés perfect for a calm brunch or a crazy night out. If you’re looking for a local experience and enjoy classic Mallorquin dishs, Can Carlos is where you need to go.

Since Palma is a nightlife haven, there’s an abundance of bars everywhere you go, especially in the inner ring road of the old town, la Lonja. But if you’re more into glitzy and modern nightclubs check out the bars near the Marina, like El Divino and Garito café


20th January; San Sebastian, Parades, fireworks and music concerts take place on 19th evening.

23th June; Sant Joan, locals dress as demons and run through the streets of Palma to la Parc de la Mer where rock concerts are held.

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